Hi. This pages contain my own articles about several projects in a field of electronics, programming, microprocessors, aviation and so on. The older one's are written in Slovak, but new articles are in pure English or bi-language. Hope, You find here usefull things wink


Meteo API ready / Meteo Aplikačné rozhranie hotové

Now is ready API for meteo server. Using is simply - call http get request on api php script. There are two possible parameters {u}- meteostation identification, {API} - type of api from <web | genmon | clear>.  There are three methods implemented yet: web,genmon or clear text. Web interface - simply include this link to your php page: [API for WEB] . For linux users, there are using Genomon to show system statistics in taskbar is available this link: [API Genmon] . Here is the - Genmon   script. If you need just simple text output of actual weather condition of given station just use this api link:  [API Clear-text].

Calendar template maker / Generátor kalendárových šablón

I have developed simple calendar html template maker using php and html+css. All you need to do is to save generated zip file of templates and replace empty image files with your own. You can generate A3 paper sized 300dpi resolution templates of current year ---on this page---.

Idea: you can print the templates directly from browser using correct printer settings (in firefox - A3 sized paper, or scaling to other format), or you can use firefox printscreen fukllpage ability (Push: shift+F2 , type  screenshot --fullpage in opened console).

Popri tvorbe kalendára závesného lietania na rok 2015  som si vytvoril generátor šablón v html+css, do ktorej stačí nahrať svoje vlastné fotky a máte hotový kalendár. Výsledné šablóny sú vo veľkosti A3 300dpi. Pri generovaní je potrebné zadať požadovaný vzhľad, počet obrázkov v päte stránky a text v sekcii credits (autori) ---na tejto stránke---.

Tip: je možné šablóny priamo tlačiť z prehliadača pri korektnom nastavení tlače (vo firefoxe -veľkosť A3, alebo škálovanie na iný formát), alebo pou6i5 funkciu printscreen fullpage v mozilla firefoxe (stlačte shift+F2 a do nabehnutej konzoly napíšte screenshot --fullpage).

Tesla's free energy from air - application and measurements

I saw for a time before the Nicolla Tesla's energy receivers patents. The main idea was to replicate it. As i described in this article, the patent works (it's primarily used in all kind of wireless technologies). But we can't receive with avaialable electronic parts a big amount of energy becouse of small Hi frequency RF radiation in space. Are youinterrested in my measurements? Check ---in this article---.

RC glider Telemetry up to 10€? -> YES

I'm working now on RC Glider Telemetry system with altimeter / vario, temperature and battery voltage sensing support. Device is based on cheap Atmega8 (1,5€) uController, BMP180 barometric sensor (upt to 2€) and nRF24L01 2.4Ghz wireless system (up to 2€ for pair). You can read about current progress and download actual Alpha sources ---in this article---.


Vario is a kind of differential altitude meter primarily used in aviation. I was constructed my own from a different old devices stored in my home :). For example a core is based on Atmega168 (328) microprocessor. Visual feedback is given by graphical LCD display from old Nokia 3310 mobile phone, and so on. You can read about it  ---in this article---.

New Design started

I am happy from new design and CMS engine. All publication needs are now satisfied :). Crossing fingers for next updates. smiley

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